Randa - Cosby Kid

If I had to put together a list of musical NZers under the age of 21 most likely to succeed globally, Randa would be very high on my list. It's superbly innovative material, delivered by a well-defined artistic identity with oodles of visual charisma. I suspect if she is to make it, it may demand some pin-balling from partnership to partnership (see her Dan Aux collaboration), and possibly finding a more permanent melodic/textural production team to work with...or it might just work on its own. Who am I to say? Randa is not the only reason this video has been posted (although she lights this one up as usual). I have been very impressed by the work of Candlelit Pictures and was driven to do a mini-profile on them after discovering their portfolio last week. Yesterday it was Evan Sinton's "Prisoner's Cinema". Today it's "Cosby Kid". Not sure how to describe it. Just watch it. Directed by "Thunderlips", the video was produced by Anna Duckworth and Alix Whittaker. So good. Links to both Randa's website, and Candlelit's portfolio are below.



Randa - Cosby Kid

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