Trick Mammoth - Delphine (With A Purpose)

Trick Mammoth is one of the very interesting stable of artists that make up Dunedin's Fishrider records (see link below). Males, seen elsewhere on this blog are also on the label's roster. There is a historical and geographical artistic lineage here which I can't help hearing...a lineage which goes back to the The Verlaines, The Clean, The Bats etc etc. I am pretty sure that is not an insult. But this music is also of it's time, and it does need to be fresh to make it onto this blog. Trick Mammoth are Adrian Ng, Millie Lovelock (Astrochildren) and Sam Valentine. According to Adrian, "Delphine (With A Purpose)" is centred around the Holly Golightly quote from the "Breakfast At Tiffany's" movie..."because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself". "Delphine is sort of a metaphorical assassin. She kills people in an attempt to leave her former self". Adrian also says this was the first song he wrote specifically for Millie to sing. "This is Millie's song" he says, "she owns it". And I love it. The song is from the new "Floristry" album. I also really enjoyed the video for the song, which was created by Emily Hlavac Green, who also took the cover image for the album cover. Emily was assisted on the video by Alex Lovell-Smith at A&E Studio in Dunedin. You can buy the "Floristry" album at the link below. I will be buying it.

Trick Mammoth - "Delphine (With A Purpose)"

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