Evan Sinton - Prisoner's Cinema

This week we have two very good videos from Candlelit Pictures. The first is for one-time "New Zealand's Got Talent" finalist Evan Sinton, the second for "Cosby Kid" from Randa (tomorrow). I am not a fan of television talent shows but very occasionally they do make us aware of really interesting new artists - although I think those same artists need to be careful it does not undermine their initial positioning. I don't think people intuitively link talent shows with creativity. Performance yes, creativity no. "Prisoner's Cinema" is original though, and showcases true creativity and a great vocal presence. The song demanded a strong video, and Candlelit have delivered beautifully. Concept and direction was by "Thunderlips" with production by Anna Duckworth and Alix Whitaker. Go to Evan's website at the link below. You can download the "Phospenes" EP (from which this track has been taken) at the iTunes link.



Evan Sinton - Prisoner's Cinema  

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