Junica - I Know A Place

Nik Brinkman, who is Junica, has fans. Of course he has the usual global mix of demographics, but in contrast to many, he has a high ratio of industry heavyweights (producers and artists) that continue to put their weight behind his creativity. And his is a 360 degree sort of creativity. I personally believe those that will succeed in a do-it-yourself future will have skills, not just in composition, production and performance, but also in their ability to cost-effectively communicate their vision....visually. Nik writes great pop songs, and ensures they are produced to a state-of-the-art level, but what marks him out his is ability to put together videos that look, not just innovative, but professional. His is the complete package. I have no doubt that if he wanted to, Nik could script, produce and direct a movie of his own. The video for "I Know A Place" is vintage Nik, with wide-angle tracking shots, great design and top-notch production values. The song itself is produced by Mark Saunders, a former member of Tim Simenon's Bomb the Bass. Mark was responsible for mixing The Cure's "Wish" album (remember "Friday, I'm In Love"?), and has worked with a wide range of other artists including Neneh Cherry and Depeche Mode. Mark has produced the new Junica EP which I believe is due later this year. This track sounds like the best of both Nik and Mark. I am really looking forward to the EP. If you would like to hear more, or maybe buy some of these pop gems, I have supplied a few links below. Go on.


Junica - 'I Know A Place'

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