Team Dynamite - Do It Slow

From the new "Shepherd's Delight" album, this fusion of genres (hip hop...w/ a sprinkling of funk, jazz and house) is one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. Great production, dynamics and balance, with an idiosyncratic vocal delivery, makes for something pretty special. The track needed a video that delivered at the same level as the vibe, and St John (Street John) has given Team Dynamite something that looks the best sense of that adjective. The colour, lighting and of course, the editing, has worked to create a feeling of space, and, dare I say it, elegance. The only criticism would be the fade-out on the song itself. It is a minor criticism. I would like to hear this song on a big sound system. I suspect it would be awesome. If you like the song, I have provided a link to Team Dynamite's Bandcamp page below where you can pre-order "Shepherd's Delight" (February 7 release). Team Dynamite are a member of the "Young, Gifted and Broke" collective. I have provided a link to that as well. Go have a look.

Team Dynamite    'Do It Slow"

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