NO - What's Your Name

I have been playing NO's "Stay With Me" over and over today, and can't quite believe I hadn't chased it up back in 2012. It is a beautiful song, and weirdly, a sadly beautiful video - about crash test dummies. When I feel I have done a band a disservice by not featuring them adequately previously, I will post multiple songs in a row. Today we have "Whats Your Name" from early in 2013, in a short film written and directed by Ryan Reichenfeld. The intial single shot introduction is impressively set-up and executed. The song itself, is another poignant offering from NO, and has been on a similarly high level of rotation to "Stay With Me" in my office today. I have included the band's website link below, as well as a link to their latest single from their new album "El Prado" due out in mid-Feb. The new single's name is "Leave The Door Wide Open". I am looking forward to the video for this song, which is a promising harbinger for the new album. It sounds like it could work on radio as well.

NO | What's Your Name

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