Watercolours - Pazzida

It can hardly be said that Chelsea Jade Metcalf has been prolific under the Watercolours moniker. But what has appeared so far has been of such high quality, that there was a palpable mood of expectation around the release of the new song "Pazzida" over the last couple of weeks. The song is a moderate stylistic divergence from the more ethereal releases "Under" and "Nightswimmer" (not purchasable yet), and is a cooperative effort with the talented James Duncan. Where James' previous work has often been deliberately challenging, this eminently commercial little number takes the best of his creative repertoire, but still leaves it a Watercolours' song. The lyrics, as is usual with Chelsea Jade, are elegantly simple, and evocative. I saw Chelsea Jade with the James Duncan Experience as a support act for The Phoenix Foundation back in 2010, and even then the two seemed like potential stars in the making. This song again highlights the potential the duo share, especially if taken down the more melodic Watercolours pathway. The video for "Pazzida" was shot at a new artspace in Grey Lynn, Auckland called "Flagship" and was directed by Alex Gandar, produced by Tom Townley, with photographic direction by Tim Flower. The photography and editing work brilliantly within the overall aesthetic. In Mr Gandar's words "I pieced it together in my head by thinking of it ...as an exploration of a sculptural aesthetic...the elements of the sculpture being...everyday normal objects; chairs, clothes, light, people - especially Chelsea". Re. Chelsea's perspective on the video..."I think a curious little narrative has emerged where all of the characters are witnessing something or headed somewhere that we are never privy to...it speaks about lateral thinking". It is one of the best videos of 2012. The song is purchasable at the link below. If you like it, I dare you to pay a little more than the nominal $1 price. I paid $4 which reflects my view on the quality of this offering.


UPDATE: Since writing, Watercolours have released a 4-track EP of remixes by some of my favourite local artists including Jeremy Toy (She's So Rad), Alistair Deverick (Boycrush), Haz'Beats and James Duncan. At this link: http://chelseajadeiswatercolours.bandcamp.com/album/over-and-under-remix-e-p


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