Bailterspace - World We Share

From the 2012 album "Strobosphere", Bailterspace give us the video for "World We Share", filmed in it's entirety in the Manhattan area around the Hurricane Sandy period. The video was directed by fellow ex-pat Stuart Page. Bailterspace have been with us since 1987, but in reality, longer, as the genesis of the group was in The Gordons, at one stage promoted as "the loudest band in the world", and credited as an influence by Sonic Youth. They initially came together in 1980! The album is the first since 2004, the band members coming out of what turned out to be temporary retirement in 2008. After a range of line-up changes, current core band members are Alister Parker, and Brent McLachlan. Both were members of The Gordons. I am really enjoying this quite laid-back groove from the band. You can get a free download for "No Sense" off the new album, as well as buy the album at the link here: .

Here is a link to a Gordon's video to give you a taste of what they used to be like. The Gordons - "Adults and Children":

Bailterspace - "World We Share" - Music Video

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