Collapsing Cities - Favours for Favours

From Collapsing Cities "Strangers Again" album, their second, this track "Favour for Favours" has a slow-burn on it. First listen it doesn't do much, but repeated listenings drag one in. I have previously posted the video for "Regret" on this blog and it was on the NZMusic4U Honour Roll for a couple of months. A superb song/video combination that one. This is not quite in the same league, but still worthy of a post. Can't help feeling there is a bit of a Morrissey influence somewhere back there. I really like the song. The one-shot video is nicely done with some pretty clever crane work (I assume). The video is a Blur and Sharpen production, directed by Tim van Dannen and produced by Alex Gandar. The (very good) "Strangers Again" album is now available at the link below on a "name your price" basis. Have a listen.

Collapsing Cities - Favour for Favours

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