Mt Eden produces QuESt - One Way

With well over 100 million views on their YouTube channel, a new deal with big US dance label Ultra Music, and a permanent base in New York, the Mt Eden boys are living the dream. They have been playing to big crowds all over the world and have an enormous loyal fan base. There is apparently a new album on the way as part of the deal with Ultra. Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner (Split Enz's keyboardist's son) met when 13 and put together a YouTube channel to get the material out. They are now one of the YouTube success stories. Their biggest YouTube hit is 2009's "Still Alive" with over 36 million views. Today's video has them producing US artist QuESt in the song "One Way". The signature washes of aural textures, combined with driving beats, define the Mt Eden sound and this is a good recent example. They are looking to evolve their sound beyond dubstep, hence the change in name from "Mt Eden Dubstep" to just "Mt Eden". Some big things to come. Their YouTube, Soundcloud and official website links are below.

QuESt - One Way (Produced by Mt. Eden) I Directed by SNKNY

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