Streets of Laredo - Girlfriend

Hailing from Elemeno P roots, but heading in a new direction entirely, including geographically, Streets of Laredo are an alt-folk band that proudly wears it's Kiwi credentials while basing themselves in Brooklyn, New York. (This works better than it does in the UK). I have stated in previous posts that anything that has the word "folk" attached to it, I tend to immediately fall back on old negative stereotypes. But bands such as Streets of Laredo are changing that for me. I saw them live at Union Hall in Brooklyn a couple of months ago and was blown away by the energy, dynamics and professionalism in their short set. They had several tunes available on Soundcloud which I listened to, and enjoyed, but I have to admit there was a "tinniness" (technical term!) to the demos. It worried me that the band's live energy might not translate to the fully finished product. And man they have really done it here. A great song, superb production, and a world class video that has been worth the wait - and must have required much waiting around! I got friendly with these guys after the gig in Brooklyn so I have been checking myself to make sure that I have not got a bit close to judge this objectively. But working it through, I just can't fault the offering. I am currently deciding whether to put this video into the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. If it doesn't get there, it will be a close-run thing. I highly recommend you catch up with Streets of Laredo, both live and recorded. You can buy the track at the link below. I will be. And looking forward to an album!

Streets of Laredo | Girlfriend (Official)

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