She's So Rad - Time

This song deserved a great video, and "Time" (released second half of 2012), gets what it deserved. Edward de Vere directed, art-directed, styled and edited the video, with most of it filmed in Europe, a small amount in New Zealand.  It's not hard to guess which bit. The video was produced by Mike Bielski. This is going to be one of my videos of the year and I am toying (NPI) with putting it on the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. She's So Rad's music has an aesthetic acuity, and it seems they surround themselves with like-minds, such that the overall package they come up with is immensely enjoyable. "Confetti" was a great song/video combination, but this easily betters it. Jeremy Toy and Anji Sami have now released two tracks from their second album, and both are 'driving', but gorgeous slices of 'shoe-gazey' dream-pop. New Zealand seems to do this sort of thing quite well when it wants to. For more on the band, and to buy what they have to offer, please go to the link below.

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