Janine and the Mixtape - Cold Out

"Cold Out" is a beautiful, poignant reflection on the journey that Janine Foster has been on over the last year. She is now starting to make a name for herself in New York. I have heard her yet-to-be-released "Dark Mind" EP and was blown away by her song-writing, production and vocal talents.  Janine has a visual aesthetic going as well. I do believe artists who want to break through need to have skills across all areas, allowing them to monetize their talent in a variety of ways. Janine's ability to put together quality sketchbook videos allows her to build momentum much better than using visual-less Soundcloud uploads etc. Nik Brinkman of Junica is another example of one of these multi-talents, and others would do well to up-skill as broadly as possible. As for Janine, it has been a hard road in the USA but with support coming through from a wide and growing network, in time I suspect she will find she has strong industry momentum. As an example of the enthusiasm building for Janine and the Mixtape, have a read of the blog-post from "Vibe" at the link below. 


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