Great North - To Leave Someone

I would love this song to be an enormous radio success for Great North, but I don't think the structure lends itself to that...though I am pretty sure it will contribute to sales of their album. "Halves" I think is a New Zealand classic. "To Leave Someone" is also one of the best songs I have ever come across. The song's lyrical twists, structure, arrangements, dynamics and production, are all gorgeous. I adore the song. For that reason the song/video has made the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. I have a playlist ("The Beautifully Sad" - song list below) on my iPhone of which this song is one. The playlist reliably generates a dopamine hit way better than any drugs I have ever had. You might enjoy the combination also? Ralph Matthews and Claire Littler have done a good job with this video although the animated segment doesn't quite blend properly. No matter though, it is still quality enough to present the song well. If you want to buy some Great North magic, please go to the link below.

The Beautifully Sad Playlist

Feels Like - Lydia Cole
To Leave Someone - Great North
The Man From Amsterdam - Lips
Fortune - Dear Times Waste
Hibernate - Lydia Cole
Juvenile Love Story - The Impending Adorations
We Don't Have Much Time - Lips

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  1. I totally agree.I stumbled on to a gig of great north a couple of years back @happy In wgtn and have been the biggest fan ever since.
    This song is beautifully sad.My wife plays it over and over.One of their best from their latest album from a band that havent put a foot wrong across their first two albums.Brillinat.This deserves to be heard by the masses