Shapeshifter - Gravity

From the upcoming album "Delta", Shapeshifter give us the album's third single "Gravity"...not as good as "Diamond Trade" but still easy to like. When I look at a band I try to think whether I could live without their 'sound' in day-to-day life. It is quite an effective test, and you would be amazed what survives! I think that might be an indictment of my taste...but I believe that Shapeshifter is one of those where the body of work is so extensive, and so much part of the New Zealand cultural vernacular, that I would hate to lose them, and for that reason I think they have many years to run. I suspect there are many of us who "feel it" the same way. But at the same time, as their sound has evolved beautifully in the past, they will need to keep evolving, or risk losing relevance. Hearing the saxophone track on this song reminded these are talented musicians that know what they are doing. Fingers crossed. I look forward to the album. To hear just how good Shapeshifter's material is, go to the link below. (Awesome website!).

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