Sola Rosa - Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul

I have always liked Sola Rosa. A little disappointed with a live performance last year, but maybe that was just me. I had very high expectations, and pretty much everyone else seemed to like the performance. This is a band that creates some great grooves, layering rhythmic textures upon each other. The emphasis is on riff and hook over melody, which is sometimes a challenge for me, but when they deliver like they do with "Promise", the second single off the album "Low and Behold, High and Beyond", then the absence of melodic variation is of little issue. Andrew Spraggon is the main man in the group but he seems to have built a stable team around him, including Cherie Mathieson, Spikey Tee, Ben White, Matt Short and Julien Dyne.  Olivier Daysoul was worked with remotely on "Promise", the bulk of the recording done in New Zealand, but the vocals being laid down in London. The track was mixed by Yaron Fuchs, someone with a resume of some repute, with mastering by Ricardo Gutierrez who has previously done work for Justin Timberlake and Just Blaze. The video was a UK/NZ co-production directed by Mikey Rockwell of Rockwell Music in London, the New Zealand segment being photographed by Shae Sterling. A great video, which benefits from London wearing a touch of winter icing sugar. You can buy the single and album at the link below. There's plenty more to buy there as well. I will be buying the album for sure.

Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul - Sola Rosa (Official Video)

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