Tom Lark - Hipsteranity

Tom Lark. "Give You All My Lovin'" was one of my favourite tracks of 2012. Posted on  with all manner of foisted praise, I still believe it to be an analysis that stands. There is now some industry "noise" around Tom, and it is well-justified. "Hipsterinsanity" is not the best track off the "Tom Lark EP", but is a still a goodie - and there is much to choose from on that anthology. I know other commentators have pointed out the lack of the key hook missing from the title, but maybe that would be just a bit obvious. It is a biting satire, and resonates with this writer, considering the disjunction of the origins of the "hipster" aesthetic, and its current expression across a range of demographics.  I hope Tom remains a little controversial. Big things coming here. Great little video nasty by the way. You can buy this track and/or the EP at the link below:

TOM LARK - Hipsteranity (Official Video) HD

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