Raiza Biza - They Told Me

There is something going on with the intersection of the three talents behind this video. Raiza Biza, ex-Rwanda, Zaire (DRC), South Africa and Wellington - now of "the Tron", is a gifted storyteller and lyrical stylist, and it seems he is building confidence with every release. My 2012/13 summer was filled with his first album, "Dream Something", which remains a favourite. Crime Heat is a beats producer who seems to have a very good ear for riff, texture, dynamics and song construction - although the last is the least proven so far. The first three he consistently delivers on - at a very high level. And Jay Knight, an 18/19 years old graphic arts student from Wellington, already a proven beats producer (see Louie Knuxx "Stan Howse"), has an audio-visual eye that belies his years. Watch all these careers. There is more to come and I can't help thinking if they do it right, something could happen offshore. They should consider working together for an extended period as this combination is working. "They Told Me" is from Raiza Biza's upcoming album "Summer". I love that chorus. You can buy his music at the link below.


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