French for Rabbits- Claimed by the Sea

From Wellington, but originally from the Waimakariri area in the South Island (I intuit), alt-folk duo French for Rabbits (Brooke Singer and John Fitzgerald) released their latest EP "Claimed by the Sea" in early 2012. This is the title track and as I far as I can see, it is the only single release off the EP. The song hit me on first listening, and was enough for the anthology to be purchased. Building from a simple lazy guitar riff, breathy vocals speak poetry at the listener, leading into deeply-reverbed electronic textures building behind that initial framework. This is an elegant little ditty. The clearly resource-challenged video is similarly elegant. US-based producer PLAN has done a nice laid-back remix of the track which is supplied below. You can buy the EP at the link below. Highly recommended.

The PLAN remix is at the link below.

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