Rhian Sheehan - Little Sines

The "Stories from Elsewhere" album is a little beauty. This wonderful animated video channels a little of the toy-shop like atmosphere of the album. The video was animated by Matt Pitt with illustration by the very talented visual artist, Kieran Rynhart. In Rhian Sheehan's words, "'Little Sines' was conceived on my baritone ukulele and an old 80's toy sampler I use to record and playback sine waves on. I then physically created the main melody on a handmade DIY music-box I own, but didn't really think it was a particularly interesting melody until my young son began singing it relentlessly. I then knew I had an idea worth pursuing. This melody pops up throughout the album in various forms". "Ambient" is not for everyone, but I think where it often succeeds is through active texture dynamics, not droning on as the genre is apt to do. There has never been a danger of that with Rhian Sheehan, who is a masterful composer, arranger and producer, and knows how to keep motifs/textures from overstaying their welcome. I have all his releases and most are played on a regular basis...although my favourites are selected tracks from "Tiny Blue Biosphere" (2005), "Seven Tales of the North Wind"(2011) and Standing in Silence" (2009). You can buy Rhian Sheehan's music at the link below.


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