Black City Lights - Offering

Black City Lights is Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr. Working within the 'dark pop' genre, (which I seem to be coming upon quite a bit lately) they intriguingly cite a large number of local influences. For a band that sounds so 'not of New Zealand' I find this satisfying. One of the reasons this blog exists is the realization technology had liberated so much talent locally, it just had to be discussed/promoted. With Black City Lights I can also hear an artistic lineage that goes back to bands such as the Cocteau Twins,who embraced the new digital reverb technology (of the early 1980s) and threw it over everything. I remain a sucker for string pads and reverb washes still. Arpeggiated synth lines also still work! "Offering" is melodic, rich, and delivers on my love of dynamics. I have included a 2011 interview link with the band below as a well as a more recent UTR link. The 2011 interview is a little old, but it is insightful. There is also a Bandcamp link. This single is not yet available on the site (at time of writing), but will come with the release of the "Another Life" album in September on US independent label "Stars and Letters". Bated breath!

UPDATE August 10th 2013:
I have been informed by Stars and Letters ( that the "Another Life" album is now available. You can find it at the link below, or on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. Go buy it!


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