Ladi6 - Shine On

Magical...dripping pizzicato strings and the usual gorgeous vocals. The sounds of Ladi6 (and partner Parks) continue to mature, with (IMHO) the duo becoming ever more viable as major international artists with the help of, in this case, Detroit-based Waajeed and Grammy award-winning engineer Todd Fairall. The YT blurb says of Waajeed, aka Jeedo..."Jeedo needs little introduction to music fans, as his work over the years has spawned absolute classics starting with his first Platinum Pied Pipers album, Triple P. His work spans from Soul, Hip Hop to Electronic, working with the likes of Cee-Lo, J-Dilla, Mad Mike, and countless others" The awesome video was directed by Robert Wallace of "Shine On" is the second single off the new album "Automatic" which is due out hopefully later this year. Ladi6 has started to get chart success outside NZ, (Italy for example) and with material of this quality, I can imagine "Automatic" will be a successful album globally. It may not hit the top of the charts internationally (although material seen so far is good enough), but should continue to build momentum. You can buy the single at the link below. I have.

[Post-script: Such is the integrity of Parks that he contacted me after seeing this post to say he wasn't responsible for the production in this song. Says much I reckon. He is still part of that partnership so the post doesn't really need amending beyond this PS.]

"Shine On" is available here:

Ladi6 - Shine On Official Music Video

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