School For Birds - Mod Love

Sean Sturm (PhD and university lecturer would you believe?!) has written some of the best pop hooks in NZ music history. A personal favourite is "One Day Ahead" almost perfect decade-old pop song which has been recognized by the local 'powers that be' to the extent it has made its way onto historical 'best of' compilations. He started off in The Nixons, which became Eye TV, which eventually became Exiles...who had two successful local hits in "The One" and "Circles". Now we have School For Birds, and the hook acuity continues. School For Birds is actually a partnership with the classically-trained Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, who was also a fellow driver behind Exiles. I will be posting their two recent videos over the next two days. Today we have a very nicely done Claire Littler video for "Mod Love". Claire's handiwork is all over NZMusic4U. She is a prolific, and competent director, often creating powerful, internationally-competitive (it is an industry sorry!) visual montages. NZ music is lucky to have her talents. You can buy the song at the link below. I have provided a Facebook link below that.

School For Birds - Mod Love (Official Video)

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