The Wyld - Revolution

I am currently in Los Angeles. I was talking last night with Michelle Bakker, manager of The Wyld, who is well-known locally for taking New Zealand artists into the USA market (Greg Johnson was another). I was asking her why there was such slow pick-up in the NZ market for some acts. I have been fascinated by this phenomenon, having noticed that The Wyld have put out reliably excellent song/video combinations, clearly have the "X factor", yet they have struggled (until now) to get buy-in from the local industry. (That might just be changing as I hear the ZM radio network is doing a promo with their new "Abstract" EP.) The band have been getting noticeably good noise out of the big international  blogs, and are landing, or close to landing, some big syncs etc. And international record company interest is definitely there. But local buzz has been pretty pathetic. The same can be said of The Neo-Kalashnikovs whose "Gorgeous Baby" video has now picked up 180,000 plays, yet they have struggled to get it broadcast on NZ TV. Most of the local gatekeepers I think have been unfair in their evaluation of what is a very good song (I can imagine many syncs as well for this song). The Neo-Kalashnikovs have plenty of fans offshore. I suspect (this is my view alone) that NZ's selection of taste arbiters (reviewers, A&R, grant-deciders) may be just too narrow, and this is causing a problem for those acts that actually have broad appeal offshore, but don't quite fit into the NZ market. I am interested in people's thoughts on this. In the interim, here is the video for the new edit of "Revolution" from The Wyld, off their upcoming "Abstract" EP. I have heard the EP, and it is very, very good. I think we are going to hear some big noise from offshore on these guys. You can hear more from The Wyld at the link below. The new EP will be available at this link I imagine.

The Wyld - REVOLUTION (NEW EDIT) Official Video

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