LIPS - We Don't Have Much Time

Stunning. NYC-based LIPS (Steph Brown) justifiably won the 2012 Silver Scroll for "Everything To Me", but the song really didn't get the video it deserved. The follow-up single "We Don't Have Much Time" (which I prefer) gets a video shot on location in the Big Apple which augments the power of this beautiful, but sad song. With clever photography, capturing dancers' bathed in that lovely early evening, early morning light that New York seems to generate in abundance, this song/video combo delivers on all levels. Steph Brown is a great New Zealand songwriter. Not prolific, but what there is cuts through for its authenticity, often laid against bare electronic textures. This video was directed by Shern Sharma, with photography by Maria Ines Manchego, and choreography by Chloe Kernaghan. Editing was by Nick Carew. Everyone gets credit here as this video is going on the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. She's So Rad's Jeremy Toy was involved with this as well. You can buy LIPS' "Look, Listen" EP at the link below. I own it.

Lips - We Don't Have Much Time

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