Kody Nielson - Demons

The real star of this video is Terra, a six year old B-Girl prodigy from UK B-Boy group Soul Mavericks - in a video done very quickly (filmed over seven hours), that delivers remarkably well for the resources available. Talent helps. The video was directed by Francis Wallis for http://www.eiokay.com/. The instrumental is amazing also, like some long lost original gem from a long-dead 1960s group, 'cept its actually new. Terra's shuffling and spins integrate beautifully with the rhythm track. You can almost feel director Francis shuffling his feet as he put together the concept. "Demons" is off Kody Nielson's (Opossom, ex-Mint Chicks) "Devils" album released earlier this year. Pretty special. You can buy the album at the link below.


KODY NIELSON - DEMONS (Official Music Video)

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