Urbantramper - Your Lung Meridian Ft French For Rabbits

Channelling late-1980s Peter Gabriel, Urbantramper are back with a new album - coming soon-ish (2014). The Peter Gabriel reference I hope is not taken badly. I love his "So" album and "Your Lung Meridian" could well have been on that anthology. I first came across Urbantramper with the release of the 2012 "Internet Freedom is Love" album and posted the "Stephen Dedalus is My Homeboy" single on this blog (link below). Urbantramper are Phill Jones, Andy Hoy, and the mysterious Lake. For this single they were lucky enough to get Brooke Singer of French for Rabbits, another Wellington band favourite of mine. If you like the single, go buy it at the Bandcamp link below. I will be.


Bandcamp link here:

Urbantramper | Your Lung Meridian (Featuring French For Rabbits)

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