Third3ye - Black Tea

My third day of MCs. A bit of activity out there? I know my angle here is so 'not' these guys, but there is something big going on with hip-hop collective Third3ye. Their politics/spirituality probably won't sit easy with the word, but "star" comes to mind. The visual aesthetic is close to complete, their material has depth and range, and it is just not the usual. Self-declared members of the Young, Gifted and Broke collective, and the GVRDEN GANG, they have a new EP release "On3ness" from which "Black Tea" is the first single. This track was put together with Ben Jamin' (a very good Auckland producer), although I am not sure if this production relationship carries across the whole EP. "Black Tea" is definitely more lyrically-emphasized than previous releases. The video was directed by Jordan Cherrington. You can download "Black Tea" for free at the link below. I imagine the EP will be available at some stage soon-ish (I guess), at the same link. Have a listen to the lyrics by the way.

Third3ye - Black Tea (Official Video)

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