S.F.T - UMakeMeWanna

I keep posting S.F.T. on Twitter and Facebook. There hasn't been much music video material to work with, but what there is hasn't been difficult to post when it has shown up. It is almost always a good combination of music and visuals. This cooperative effort with Lifers is no different. There is a new S.F.T. album coming...which I assume will be available at the Renaissance Bandcamp link as per usual. I am definitely a fan of the multi-textural vibes, despite the absence of conventional song structures. In my research function, I found the following promotion blurb...."with this project S.F.T. has tried to channel the incomparable genius of his wife's husband and also the amazing looks of his children's father to create a sound that is truly unique.". hehe..! The Soundcloud link below is good place to go hear some of S.F.T.'s other material. Otherwise go to the Renaissance link and buy something.



S.F.T - UMakeMeWanna // Lifers.Co

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