Pieter T - Tomorrow feat. Tyna

This is not strictly my usual promotion of New Zealand talent, but never mind, there is plenty of talent at work here, from Pieter T to Tyna, to Chris Graham, one of New Zealand's best video directors. It's a very moving video (great job Chris), and it's a very serious message. NZ has a high suicide rate. "Live For Tomorrow", the project which drives this video, is looking to spread the word about what they do and (in their words) "is a project for those that are struggling with, care about, or are affected by youth suicide, depression, alcohol use, self-harm and bullying. We run media-based initiatives encouraging young people to believe in the possibilities of their future…". I have included a link to the project's website below. There is also a Facebook link. Go have a look. Especially if you are a New Zealander and your life is not great right now... I have also included a Facebook link for Pieter T, although that is probably unnecessary for 50% of NZMusic4U's readers. (I assume most NZ women have that in their favourites already).



Pieter T - Tomorrow feat. Tyna OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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