Doprah - San Pedro

From their upcoming debut album "Wasting", "San Pedro" continues the sound that emerged with the (particularly good) first two singles from Doprah...those being "Whatever You Want" and "Stranger People". But absent those two singles, I am not sure if this video would be here. Don't get me wrong, it is a good album track. I love that Doprah 'sound' and there are some interesting things about the track, especially the delay layering that builds then fades out. But it's not a single. Hopefully there is a video coming for one of those first two singles. They both deserve a good one. And Julian Vares ("San Pedro" director/DOP) is probably the right person to do it. I like what he has done here. Put "San Pedro" alongside the first two singles, and we still have a small but very good body of work that hints at one of the most exciting new bands to emerge over the last twelve months. Wondering who Doprah are? There is now quite a few live extras, but the core is Christchurch's Steven Marr from Ipswich, and Auckland's Indi Force, an extremely promising emerging solo artist in her own right. The single is a free download from the link below.

Postscript/Mea Culpa: Repeated playings of this have me changing my tune. It is still not a single. But there is something really infectious about this track. And I love the video.

Doprah | San Pedro | Music Video

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