Anna Coddington - Make You Mine

This new production/arrangement partnership with Sean Donnelly has been good for the Anna Coddington sound. "Make You Mine" doesn't have the immediacy of "Bird In Hand" (which made the NZMusic4U Honour Roll for being all-round excellent), but it is creeping up on me, definitely helped by the re-appearance of clever string arrangements from Mr Donnelly. Chris O'Connor augments a drum machine backdrop with some of the real thing. Anna is on guitar and bass. The bass line I like. It doesn't shout at the listener, but I can't imagine the song without it. And of course the production is superb. It's a sad little video, ably directed by Aidee Walker with editing by Alexander Gandar. That beautiful bird artwork is by Matt Timpson. You can buy the single at the link below. I just have.

MAKE YOU MINE  by Anna Coddington

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