Yumi Zouma - A Long Walk Home for Parted Lovers

Having been remarkably busy in my real life, NZMusic4U has had to limp along. But it is time to get back into it...before the next onslaught. I came across Yumi Zouma early this year, and was captivated by their single "The Brae". The single was part of their self-titled EP from which this track is sourced. Kindly sponsored by NZonAir they have put together a two-part video offering that has as it's raison d'etre, the magical poison of a love triangle. Today I give you the first episode. Tomorrow I will follow it up with a little more on the band, and the second instalment of this mini-soap. Yumi Zouma are on the Cascine label. If you want to buy their EP...go to the link below. I am in love with this band.


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