#summershot2014...what is it?

#summershot2014 is a follow on from February's #summershot2013.

#summershot is my way of recognizing, and giving back to, the small, diverse and talented New Zealand music community. This often financially-challenged community helps reinforce our identity as New Zealanders, and confirms that we may take on the world in our way, on our own terms. They also make wonderful tunes!

#summershot2014 manifests simply, as before. I select 50 tracks, each from different artists. Each has supplied a feel-good "dopamine hit" over the last year. I will then put the artists behind those tracks into a random draw. The three drawn will get a gift of $1000 each. (I am sorry, but bands count as a single person)

The first recipients of #summershot2013 were:

Janine and the Mixtape
The Golden Awesome

The #summershot2014 draw will be held live on Twitter (@NZMusic4U) at 7 pm NZ daylight saving time on January 31st 2014.

I hope it helps just a little.

#summershot2014 comes to you from NZMusic4U and Pure Capital Thinking.

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