Paper Cranes - Little Darling

Describing themselves as "epic indie-alternative immersive folk", Paper Cranes are principally husband and wife team, Fraser and Naomi Browne. Additional members are Joel Bremner, Kristina Roper, Tim Roper and Matt Hoyle. There is a well-projected seam of "Nihon no bunka" running through the identity of the band, courtesy of Naomi's upbringing in Japan. I understand the lingering affection, having lived in Tokyo for five years in the 1990s. It gets in the blood. I first came across Paper Cranes in September 2012 when they released their debut EP "Oh, Love". The debut album "Be My Home" is to be released sometime in the new year, "Little Darling" being the first single off that release. The band revealed the song was the result of an intense personal experience, "written in the middle of a health scare, so the subject matter was a response to that. Its about hope and renewal springing from a dark place". Bruce Lynch played bass on the song. The single was (well) produced by Nic Manders, known for the work he has done with some of the best NZ folk artists including Lydia Cole. The very-good-looking video was directed by regular visual collaborator Nikki Castle, and was filmed in the Crystal Palace theatre in Auckland using a combination of new and found footage. If you would like to know more about the band, or get hold of some of their lovely tunes, please go to the link below.

Paper Cranes 折り鶴 - Little Darling

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