Third3ye - Medicine

"Medicine" is the second single/video off Third3ye's new album "Ajna", a significant progression from the last, principally in production terms. There is the usual mix of producers including the very talented Edward Waaka ("Crystal Cloud"), and the quality is again uniformly high. It is a more atmospheric vibe, very slightly less rhythmically/loop-driven, and more immersive than previously.  Much of my affection for Third3ye's art is derived from a message that is less "me, my life, my career" and more about the spiritual journey they seem to be taking/enjoying. If you want an idea of where the album sits aesthetically, it might be somewhere between The Impending Adorations and their old material. Interesting eh? It is an awesome move forward for one of my favourite NZ hip-hop/beats outfits.You can buy "Ajna" at the link below. I have bought it.

Third3ye - Medicine (Official Video)

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