Mt Eden feat. Freshly Ground - Sierra Leone

Mt Eden signed to Ultra Records, a successful New York-based dance label in January 2013. This will see them release a couple of EPs and an album, as well as various videos. The new "No Man's Land" album is due in June. This video features the track that got them noticed internationally, "Sierra Leone", and is probably the most-long-awaited official video I have come across! Mt Eden are now truly are on the map globally, with over 100 million views of their YouTube channel. There has been an unusual release pattern with the band, possibly reflecting the almost accidental success of two guys who just liked putting together music they wanted to hear, out of a bedroom in Mt Eden, Auckland. It has also historically been principally a live performance business. They have previously used recorded content (aural and visual) to help build momentum for their live shows...although this is expected to change with the Ultra Records tie-up.  Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner (Split Enz progeny yes) are now playing to massive crowds globally. I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse and manager Tim Youngson (Stereogram) in New York late last year. Their down-to-earth attitudes bode well for an acceleration of their music sales. No BS here, and it is great to see the momentum of a major label behind what is already a global success. You can buy their music at the link below. The official website is linked below that.

Here is an interview with the guys from 2011. Still good.

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