The Impending Adorations - The Best Is Yet To Come

In 2013 and 2014 I came upon The Impending Adorations (IA), a solo vehicle for Paul McLaney, an artist who would possibly be more familiar to those with a few years under their belts. They would have known him as Gramsci in the late 1990s, early 2000s. I had liked Gramsci, but in The Impending Adorations, with its looped found sounds, atmospheric/ambient bent, and much matured vocal stylings, I had stumbled upon something of greatness. Many other reviewers have come to similar conclusions. In 2014 Paul started to work more closely with Andy Lovegrove, who some might recognise from Breaks Co-op, they of the early-2000s hit single "The Other Side" (linked below). This meeting coincided with an increasing frustration that Paul could really only take IA live with a laptop. Wanting to build more of a live format, this led to the evolution that we hear in "The Best Is Yet To Come", the first of three singles showcasing a more organic sound...which of course, can be taken on the road. "The Best Is Yet To Come" is a beautiful piece of work, which for me is almost a blend of the best of Van Morrison, Bryan Ferry and David Sylvian (and we will throw in Tears for Fears for the triplets). Yes, this song has clear roots in the 1970s and 1980s, but this is a conscious artistic direction for Paul who says "what we are trying to achieve with the new IA stuff is to rejuvenate that space of composition that inspired me - the more sophisticated area of pop - things like Peter Gabriel, The The, Talk Talk etc - music that was informed by a few more years on the planet and the experiences picked up along the way." And Andy Lovegrove's production on this single? It's sublime. Rich, textured and balanced. The video from redkidOne has a strong thematic link with the song's lyrics. Paul says the song was "written for a dear musical colleague who is battling a pretty serious depressive illness resulting in a few attempts on his life. In my time as working musician its an illness that seems highly prevalent amongst my peers, along with bipolar etc. The video is meant to be a metaphor for that descent; the letting go. Lyra - the central character is meant to represent the other and I suppose the male/female balance is some sort of id/ego thing. The plan is that we see her evolution to something more divine over the course of the next 2 vids". So expect a trilogy of singles with an emerging visual thematic link. The next single is "When The Wind Blows", to be in turn followed up by "Realpolitik". I have heard "When The Wind Blows" and loved it. "The Best Is Yet To Come" is also one of a trio of simultaneous releases from new collective/label "Revolution Music NZ", the others being Ed Waaka's "No Enemy of Mine" and Troy Kingi's "Break A Bone". If you would like to get more involved with The Impending Adorations, I have supplied links below. I have bought everything so far!

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Breaks Co-Op - The Other Side

The Impending Adorations - The Best Is Yet To Come

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