Ancient Tapes - Passing Of A Year

Sink \ Sink was a pretty special discovery for NZMusic4U back in 2013. Formed by Gareth Schott, an academic in computer gaming (amongst other things) at the University of Waikato, it is a beautiful mix of ambient, lo-fi and shoegaze influences. I have included a link to their music below. Gareth (guitar, songwriting) in collaboration with Sam Brockelsby (vocals, guitar, singwriting), Rob Shirlow (bass) and Mark McGeady (drums), has recently formed Ancient Tapes, bringing together diverse backgrounds into a format that channels influences from the mid-1990s, and earlier I would say. They have a love for shoegaze, although "passing of a year" is not obviously of that genre. What is it? A dynamic, surging mash of what sounds like early 1980s Chills, Smashing Pumpkins, Jakob and even the Golden Awesome. Shoegaze makes a crashing appearance in the coda. I can also hear sink \ sink in there, perhaps driven by the cello part, an addition that takes the track to the next level. This first single off the "Hummingbird" EP is both haunting and compelling. The EP was recorded on November 20th (yes in a day) with engineering and production by Sean Erin Lynch. Although Sam Brockelsby is the principal lyricist in the band, this track's lyrics are drawn from a poem by a friend of theirs, Annabel Henderson Morrell, titled "those weighed down by keys". You can read them on the Bandcamp site. The video is a clever found-footage montage I presume was put together by the band members. Love that parting car crash edit! The "Hummingbird" EP was officially released yesterday and is available at the link below. I love it. Favourite tracks are "passing of a year" and "a lifetime of". Go have a listen. I have bought it.

'passing of a year' by ancient tapes

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