Doprah - Whatever You Want

When I first came across the song about eighteen months ago, despite many early-adopters, it was almost as if no-one took it too seriously, even the band. That may well have been just a misperception by yours truly, but I found it odd that the creators of such a magical piece of 90s-style trip-hop seemed not to realise something pretty special had just happened. I suspect they realise now. There is an industry buzz surrounding Doprah. International blogs like them. Crowds like them. Doprah is principally Steven John Marr, and Indira Force, two substantial and versatile talents. Steven I think is responsible for the overall sound, songs, and structure, whereas Indira adds both lyrics and a stylistic counterpoint that fleshes the sound out, and defines it. I am so glad the song got the video it deserved. Featuring Rebekah Clydesdale & Jed Mccammon, the clip was directed and produced by Dunedin's "G U A R D S" (see link below), who are Daniel Blackball and Alex Lovell-Smith.  I have just bought the band's new self-titled "Doprah" EP. You can own it too at the following links.

G U A R D S at this link:

DOPRAH - Whatever You Want (Music Video)

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