Doprah - Stranger People

Second week in a row we have a Doprah video, and this is their best yet. From the self-titled debut EP (album on the way apparently), this was the second single they released back in early 2013 - which pretty much confirmed "Whatever You Want" was not an accident. Less obvious, but texturally deeper, and overall, way more interesting, the song, combined with this suberb video might just catalyse something bigger. There has been plenty of blog coverage. Candlelit Pictures have come up with some very, very good videos over the last twelve months...Sheep, Dog & Wolf "Glare", Randa's "Frankenstein" and Evan Sinton's "Prisoner's Cinema". But "Stranger People" might just be out in front. There are clear J-Pop, "Lolita" fashion and Anime influences at play here, but I think it actually improves on some of those videos that might have influenced the makers...videos such as "Pon Pon Pon" linked below. Doprah are exciting, still a little raw, and unpredictable. It will be interesting to see where they take this early promise. You can buy the Doprah EP at the links below. I bought it.

Candlelit Pictures's website here:

An influence?

Doprah - Stranger People (Music Video)

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