Sherpa - Love Film

Pristine pop songs, cleverly, and delicately constructed...and despite a sometimes sorta-intellectual approach to their construction, there's nothing too contrived about it. Is it wrong to call it "fun"? I was looking forward to Sherpa's new album (which is available to listen to at the link before), and they have delivered. "Love Film", the first single, was released last year. I am not quite sure how this glamorous little film didn't make it onto the blog. But it has now - sorry! Directed by Marc Swadel, it takes us on a trip through Paris of 1962, with our starlet besotted by a slightly effete, but clearly charming young director. The album sounds like much love has gone into it - close to a work of art - hence the blog post. "Love Film" is a goodie, but I also like "Bzzy", "Can Surreal" and "Eclypse The Night Away" and "Not Today". Go have a listen at the NZ Herald link below while it is still up. The album should be released by the weekend I believe (May 16). Otherwise, there are a bunch of other links you can use to swot up on this charming band. (I love the break and the outro in "Love Film" by the way...especially the outro.)

"Blues and Oranges" album stream:

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Sherpa - Love Film

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