Aldous Harding - Hunter

Aldous Harding has generated quite a bit of industry noise over the last couple of months or so...with "Hunter" being one of the reasons, although I think her exquisite (and video-less) track "No Peace" (linked below) might just be driving more of the momentum. It is stunning. With both a vocal and visual presence, all that was needed were truly special songs to help this artist have a shot at international success...and it is all there. It will be interesting to see whether international distribution deals turn up quickly. I think they will. Aldous (real name Hannah Harding) is currently distributed locally through Lyttleton Records. I am not sure when the new album will be released, but you can listen to some of it at the link below. The album was produced by Lyttleton Records' Ben Edwards, and Marlon Williams. The "Hunter" video, beautifully done, was directed and photographed by Julian Vares.

Why not have a read of this while you are at it. It has the link to "No Peace":

A Radio NZ interview link is here:

Aldous Harding | HUNTER | Music Video 2014

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