The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain

How do they do it? Having been around for a decade and a half, The Phoenix Foundation continue to produce songs that are rewarding to listen to, intriguingly built, with layers of texture to peel away if one feels so inclined. There's also that perfect balance of saccharine and satire, and for me there's the "dopamine hit". Not always, but often. "Mountain" is the first single release off "Give Up Your Dreams" or "GUYD" as the band has been promoting it. The album is due out on August 7th, and has so far been reviewed well (see the links below). The album was approached slightly differently this time, with songs written as a band, and more structured studio time. Although apparently there was much twiddling of knobs and tweaking of effects processors after the initial recording sessions. It sounds like the album will be more up-tempo, but judging from "Mountain" and the just-released "Give Up Your Dreams" single (see Stereogum link below) it remains melodic and hooky. See the Salient link below for a very good interview with Sam Flynn Scott on the making of the album. The "Mountain" video is classic Sam Kristofski, with echoes of videos previously shot for Opossom and Tom Lark. I'm a fan. Bated breath on the new album. I have provided a link to the Memphis Industries site below for prospective purchasers. NZMusic4U is one!

Sam Kristofski link:

The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain (Official Music Video)

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