Bad Blocks - Circulate

I grew up in the 1980's on David Sylvian (and brother), and friends Holger Czukay and Robert Fripp taking random, but mostly tuneful samples, and building complex textures that were initially challenging, but very rewarding in the long term. None of that was commercially viable outside what was quite a wide global niche at the time. But having never thought that particular blend of randomness would make its way into the mainstream, in 2014 I then come across Bad Blocks. Effortlessly blending a pop sensibility with cinematic vision, and what I experience as an exciting mash-up of rhythmic and tonal discontinuities, my first listen revealed a masterclass. The maturity of the "Circulate" EP is breathtaking. Confident, restrained, moving. And just challenging enough. I am so excited about the potential for this two person venture, Hamish Lang and Daniel Neeve. As their record label, Brooklyn-based Stars and Letters says, their music is "at once familiar and yet quietly corrupted". The two of them met in Wellington and were initially working under the "South City Sushi Cop" moniker, but "Bad Blocks" works so much better (and for me, is one of the best band names I have come across in awhile). Hamish and Daniel currently reside in Melbourne, but I would not be surprised if events take them much further afield. The first video from the EP is suitably proficient, directed by another talented Kiwi, Josh Prendeville (website link below). You can buy the "Circulate" EP at the Stars and Letters link below. This is my favourite purchase of 2014. Find out more at the Stars and Letters link below.

Bad Blocks - Circulate from Bad Blocks on Vimeo.

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