Louie Knuxx - Sand (featuring Tom Scott & Lui Tui)

I was struck by the maturity and the diversity of Louie Knuxx's "PGT/GRR" album when I first heard it, and continue to play it regularly, despite the onslaught of music I get on a day to day basis. Although there are a range of producers, it is easily bound together by the lyrical acuity of Todd Williams, and (as I have stated previously) the almost feline menace he presents at varying levels through all of the tracks. There are some standouts from the album, my favourites being "You See" which features Jane Deezy, and "Sex and Drugs". But "Sand" is also a favourite, probably because of the effortless interplay of several of NZ's best MCs. At Peace's Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau make superb contributions to the track, Tom's principally from a lyrical perspective, whilst Lui's is more of stylistic contribution. The subject matter may get a few readers' hackles up, as it is superficially a pro-drugs song. But there is more to it, and it is really about the individual's right to choose their own lifestyle, and contrasts the implicit choice of the risk/reward trade-off of drugs with the hypocrisy of the insensitivity that characterises some public institutions' interactions with troubled youth today.

Todd Williams on the track... "so there wasnt much to the track to begin with. Just a demo with my verse and hook. Sick beat by Jay as usual. Tom's approach to the content was what I expected, the way he approaches a feature I can only compare with Andre3000. He always stands out by exploring a micro concept within the broader concept. Great lines as well, my favourite is "you call it a sentence but it felt like a page" I related a lot to that line. Lui followed my lead content wise I think. Stylistically he killed the song, he used his voice like an intrument and his vocal techniques and recording techniques on this blew me away. Was great to send the demo away barely a song and have these guys turn it into something special."

Jay Knight confirms again in this track that he is one of the best beats producers NZ has at the moment. The video from "Subject Matter", also superb, was directed by Tim D. and Jamie McReady. The lighting/filtering is particularly interesting. You can buy the PGT/GRR album at the link below. The title's acronym translation? "Progressive gangster thug, gentleman romance rap". Sums up Louie Knuxx pretty well I think. Go buy it.


Louie Knuxx - Sand (featuring Tom Scott & Lui Tui) prod by Jay Knight

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