Spycc - Bad Habit

I am not qualified to comment authoritatively on hip-hop, but I would like to recognize something I enjoy, so I'll have a go. He's been on this blog before, for good reason. Onehunga's Spycc is one of the most satisfying MCs to listen to in NZ today. A superb choice of beats, and honest rhymes with depth. The delivery reminds me sometimes of Kanye West, and maybe Kendrick Lamar at his most straightforward. But Mr Latu is his own, and one of those I think is "most likely to". It's a crowded space, and difficult to cut through, but everything I have heard so far indicates there is the ability and drive to make it. To be honest, he has soared to greater heights on other tracks, but "Bad Habit" is posted on this blog for a reason. It is worthy of being noticed. Visually? It's a simple, effective video, doesn't look cheap, and rounds the offering out nicely. The video was directed by Danny Aumua, produced by One Island Films with photography by Tj Perea. Editing was by Danny Aumua and TamaGotchi (who also produced the track). You can download "Bad Habit" for free at the link below. And go "like" him on Facebook to stay in touch with developments. If you would like to know more, I have included a Martyn Pepperell interview as well (he's picked up the Kendrick Lamar link as well).




Spycc - Bad Habit

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